For the most effective simulation training – from military flight to digital immersive theater applications – you require a high degree of visual realism. That’s why Collins Aerospace produces industry-leading image-generation technology that offers scene realism scalable to any training level. Our systems use commercial off-the-shelf technologies that meet a wide range of training requirements using real-time software, databases and host interfaces.

In addition, our broad range of out-the-window display and projector options can satisfy all levels of certification, up to the most demanding Level D requirements. Collimated or real-image displays, full field-of-regard or partial domes and various projector types are all part of our visual display portfolio.

Image Generation Systems

Computer-simulated image looking out the window of an aircraft at takeoff

Arcus Image Generator

Helicopter above city

EP-8100 Image Generation System

Two computer-generated F-35 fighters projected via Collins EP-80

EP-80 Image Generation System

Display Systems

Pilot in dome simulator

Griffin Rear Projected Dome

image of a person using the simulator

Griffin-2 Visual Display System


Panorama™ Display System

Panorama HiLite

Panorama™ HiLite Display System

Head Worn Displays

Enhanced Reality Vision System ERV-30

A soldier wearing Collins ERV-40

Enhanced Reality Vision System ERV-40


Man pointing on PC screen

CORE™ Simulation Architecture


Radar Simulation Systems