Today’s passengers expect reliable power to charge their devices, even in mid-flight. Give your passengers a convenient and relaxing travel experience with our cabin AC and USB power systems and data ports.

Cabin AC power systems

With compact, integrated designs and custom styling options, our high performance AC aircraft cabin power systems bring remarkable functionality and a sophisticated touch to your cabin interior. We can tailor them to meet the space and style needs of your aircraft, including personalized engraving, bezels and finish.

Our intelliOutlet™ all-in-one design eliminates the need for external components – like a ground fault interrupter (GFI), relay, indicator light and circuit breaker – so you can save on installation costs and cut back on cumbersome wiring. Features include local or remote reset, in-use indication, spring-resistant lid options and front mounting. Available in universal, North American and European styles, the intelliOutlet’s internal eleCctronics are compatible with performance criteria specified in FAA TSO C73C.

We also offer plug presence detection outlets that send discrete indicators to a cabin switch panel, allowing your crew to monitor outlet usage in flight. And, pass-through outlets that provide power through a simple and compact design.

Specialty data ports

Our specialty ports are designed to provide an optimal connection and charge for a variety of devices, enabling work or play mid-flight. With solutions for internet, phone, fax, scanner and in-flight entertainment connectivity alongside specially designed USB charging ports, your passengers will have a seamless transition from departure to destination

Designed with the same housing as our intelliOutlet, our intelliUSB™ advanced USB charging port recognizes and charges personal electronic devices at their maximum allotted current. Our intelliUSB SR™ offers the same functionality as the intelliUSB in a smaller 1 ⅓ x 3/4” package, minimizing the footprint by hiding the rear power unit under a seat or in the cabin wall for seamless integration.

We also offer multiple data port options and custom configurations. Our port offerings include PC video, RJ-11, RJ-45, USB and HDMI.