Our product range includes field-deployable test equipment for breathing masks, pressurized clothing, breathing regulators, and pressure reducer and automatic change-over valves. The ready-to-deploy line not only ensures your teams’ OXYMOSS and OXYJUMP systems are good to go before takeoff, crews also can use it to test most other oxygen applications and components.

AMP 2020

The Breathing Masks Test Bench AMP 2020 enables you to inspect and test equipment such as breathing masks, anti-g protection clothing and communication equipment. One-screen instruction and selection menus make the system easy to operate and easily adaptable to future technology upgrades.

Mobile Oxygen Tester (MOT) 2020

Tests OXYJUMP and OXYMOSS before and after each mission. The system runs on battery power or an external power source and is independent of any gas supply source. Its durable components contain no plastic or composite materials – so there’s nothing to break down over time.