The pedestal aisle stand assembly typically includes the Throttle Control Module flap, speed brake, trim and fuel control modules, as well as provisions for other avionics equipment, such as displays, cursor control devices etc. A major part of the Cockpit Pedestal System is the Throttle Control Modules (TCM), The TCM is used by pilots to modulate engine thrust via electronic signals sent to the engines FADEC system. In autopilot mode the TCM levers are motor driven to indicate to the pilot the engine thrust setting being selected by the auto pilot system. Levers are also used upon landing to control reverse thrust of the engines. Our TCM’s are designed and certified on multiple platforms and across all markets.

  • TCM also Known as Throttle Quadrant or Throttle Quadrant Module (TQM)
  • Located in the cockpit in the control stand between the pilots
  • Used to manually change the thrust of the engine/s
  • Motor driven levers move automatically while in Autopilot or Autothrottle
  • Modularized fly-by-wire system interface
  • Includes the servo control software certified as part of the module
  • Meets RTCA/DO-160, RTCA/DO-178 and RTCA/DO-254 requirements
  • Auto throttle function interfaces with A/C via data bus interfaces
  • Includes reverse thrust control, Auto Throttle (A/T) connect/disconnect and Take Off Go Around (TOGA)
  • All modules are plug and play Fly-by-Wire type devices
  • Full function FADEC interfacing throttle controls
  • Speed brake with quad redundant position sensors and artificial feel
  • Flap module with up to quad redundant position sensors and artificial feel
  • Trim control panel with three axis trim and or disconnect switches
  • Sheet metal or investment cast pedestal
  • Esthetic ergonomic pilot interface
  • Designed for structural integrity for mounting Pilot control modules
  • Top mounted LRUs with quick connect attachment points for easy installation