Delight your most discerning passengers with barista-quality coffee, perfectly chilled beverages and memorable meals with our premium Essence® inserts collection.

Intuitive features and technology enhancements are the cornerstone of our industry-leading in-flight service equipment. Ease of use, weight reduction, increased power efficiency and reliability and improved ergonomics provide a superior flight crew experience that helps deliver a superior customer service experience.

Nespresso Machine

Commercial aircraft Nespresso machine

Serve your passengers ristretto, espresso or lungo beverages at the touch of a button. The Nespresso Machine from Collins Aerospace features a fully automatic brew head. Used capsules are mechanically discharged, making the machine immediately ready for the next brew cycle. In addition to providing superior ergonomics for users, the single automated brew head is more efficient than dual-head machines, which require loading and unloading capsules manually.

Essence® Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Commercial aircraft Espresso machine

Produce barista-quality coffee, espresso and cappuccino for your most discerning passengers. Your in- flight crew can deliver first-class service to even large business-class cabins with the Essence espresso/cappuccino machine. Independent brew heads for espresso and a fully automatic, one-touch cappuccino function deliver consistent quality products – reliably and efficiently. A self-cleaning function helps to keep the brewing system ready for the next service.

Essence Coffee Maker

Commercial aircraft beverage cup maker

Ensure your passengers enjoy a great cup of coffee with the Essence® coffee maker. Patented brew head and brew cup technology, precise water heating and temperature control, superior ergonomics, easy-to-use controls and minimal weight make it easy to serve up a satisfying cup of coffee with every pour. A proprietary brewing system and thermally insulated carafe ensure a rich, full-bodied beverage that stays hot.

Essence Water Heater

Commercial aircraft water heater

Deliver a hot, satisfying cup of coffee or tea with our Essence water heater. This high-performing machine uses patent-pending rapid recovery technology to provide greater volumes of hot water with optimal temperature stability. Lightweight and rail mounted, this unit is easy for airlines to maintain.

Essence Beverage Cup

Commercial aircraft beverage cup maker

Your flight attendants can quickly respond to passenger needs with our Essence beverage cup machine. Our large-capacity, multi-use hot cup equipment expedites in-flight service with three temperature settings for various hot water uses. The beverage cup can be filled with water manually or automatically. This allows for rapid preparation of baby bottles, eggs, or any hot water beverage.

Essence Beverage Chiller/Refrigerator/Freezer

Commercial aircraft small fridge

Serve food and beverages at just the right temperature with ease. The Essence® beverage chiller/refrigerator/freezer is an all-purpose, self-contained, tri-mode refrigeration galley insert. Equipped with rapid pull-down performance you can deliver temperature controlled beverages, meals and assorted frozen treats. One-touch operation and mode selection make for quick changes between the three temperature levels.

Essence SCS Tri-Mode Chiller

This innovative, all-purpose, tri-mode refrigeration galley insert interfaces with the aircraft supplemental cooling system (SCS). There is no cabin air extraction required. It is designed with a deep cavity for chilling larger amounts of food and beverages. The Essence SCS tri-mode chiller is easy to operate and clean. It comes with an optional transparent door for clear display of the contents.

Essence Convection Oven

Designed for rapid meal preparation with even heat distribution, the Essence convection oven enhances the passenger service experience. The innovative design includes customizable menus to ensure the quality of prepared meals. The unit’s versatility enables a variety of food items to be prepared in a relatively short amount of time, improving the in-flight meal capability.

Essence Microwave Oven

Large enough to fit a 10-inch dinner plate, the Essence microwave oven is ready to serve your passengers perfectly prepared meals on demand. It is designed to heat a variety of foods and beverages at the touch of a button. The optional shelf and adjustable power setting between top and bottom give you options that go beyond the basic microwave oven.

Essence Steam Oven

Prepare premium quality meals with patented pressure-controlled steam technology. Satisfy your customers every time with freshly steamed vegetables, tender meats or succulent seafood that was gently steamed with ease. This unit offers a built-in door sensor and fits industry-standard meal carriers.

Essence Bun Warmer

Commercial aircraft bun warmer

A touch of warmth can make all the difference in an extraordinary passenger experience. Our Essence® bun warmer can efficiently heat breads, towels, plates and coffee cups to just the right temperature to enhance your customers' flight experience. With uniform heat distribution and easy temperature selection, anything you warm will be perfect every time.

Essence Integrated Galley Trash Compactor

The Essence integrated galley trash compactor (IGTC) is a space-saving way to manage on-board trash compacting. Flight crews will appreciate using this mess-free waste disposal system. The trash bags are easy to install and remove, however you won’t be needing more than one or two bags per flight with the high compaction capability. This innovative trash compactor is efficient and quiet to use.

Essence Premier Convection Oven

Enhanced and upgraded from the Essence convection oven, the Essence premier convection oven brings meal preparation to the next level. The unit uses advanced material technology to achieve light weight and is highly reliable with an advanced “adaptive intelligent cooking” feature. This technology manages variability and automates the process, so flight crews can consistently serve meals every time.

Essence Premier Steam Oven

The Essence premier steam oven produces uncompromised premium meal quality. Upgraded from the Essence steam oven, it uses advanced material technology to achieve light weight and offers “adaptive intelligent cooking” technology. This innovative solution enables virtually limitless steamed meal options. The automated system helps flight crew to serve consistently delicious meals, including colorful vegetables, tender meat, and succulent seafood.