ACLADS provides a critical cargo compartment system upgrade for the workhorse C-130H and other C-130 legacy platforms. Designed by our loadmasters for your loadmasters, ACLADS replaces the current mechanically operated and labor intensive system with the only electronically controlled cargo handling and airdrop system available today.

  • Decreases preflight time
  • Decreases loading and unloading time by 50 percent
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Reduces human error
  • Minimizes aircraft combat exposure
  • Increases airdrop precision
  • Increases Loadmaster efficiency through wireless technology
  • Accelerates logistics velocity

The challenge

The current C-130H cargo system has not been updated in 56 years and is labor intensive. Loadmasters have to utilize control handles to change the condition of the cargo locks and manipulate lock functionality. For airdrop, they have to refer to technical order charts and manually set lock settings with a wrench. They are required to use a pencil, paper (DD Form 365-4) and algebra to calculate aircraft weight and balance.

Why ACLADS is the solution

ACLADS brings the C-130 Cargo Handling and Airdrop System up to current industry standards through the use of technology and automation.

It retains the existing left-hand dual rail locks while automating them.

  • Electronically monitors locks for position and status
  • Eliminates left-hand dual rail preflight
  • Provides manual backup for logistic operations

It upgrades the right-hand dual rails with electronic locks.

  • Electronically operates and monitors right-hand locks
  • Automatically calculates and sets airdrop locks for heavy equipment airdrop
  • Automates and executes precision airdrop of heavy equipment, container delivery system bundles, vehicles and other cargo
  • Reduces airdrop malfunction response time by 90 percent
  • Wirelessly controlled from anywhere in the cargo compartment

ACLADS’s advanced software combines load planning, aircraft weight and balance, and aircraft flight management into one solution that is easy to use and simple to modify. It instantly updates aircraft limitations, as well as weight and balance calculations automatically. 

Loadmaster control panel

The system eliminates manual calculations and human error by integrating electronic load planning, aircraft weight and balance, and airdrop operations on the loadmaster control panel. It is also integrated with aircraft flight management systems to update limitations and provide accurate aircraft take off and landing data.

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Loadmaster station

  • Military specification, aviation-grade touchscreen display (currently used on thousands of military aircraft all over the world)
  • Integrated wireless operations for autonomous loadmaster operations throughout the cargo compartment
  • Resistive touchscreen enables operation while gloves are being worn
  • Integrates load planning, aircraft weight and balance functions and aircraft flight management system to eliminate redundancy and paperwork
  • Instantaneous weight and balance calculations and aircraft limitation updates
  • Monitors all loadmaster logistic and airdrop systems
  • Electronic operation of logistic and airdrop locks
  • Passenger seating management system
  • Electronic publications bag
  • Integrates aircraft configuration overlays with load planning tools
  • Includes video cameras for improved situational awareness and safety
  • Reduces human errors and improves human performance through the use of automation and digital electronics

Tactical advantage

  • Meets or exceeds all military standards for airdrop systems
  • Reduces ground unloading/loading time by 50 percent in theater
  • Enables more precise airdrops through automation
  • Reduces aircraft exposure in combat environments
  • Minimizes operations closure time through higher logistical throughput during combat operations
  • Eliminates CDS gate cut safety hazards
  • Simplifies heavy equipment airdrop operations and malfunction response
  • Optional rear facing camera provides situational awareness during loading operations, airdrops and reverse taxi