The Collins Aerospace EP-80 is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) PC image generator product family that provides high performance at a lower cost.  It delivers many of the advanced features of higher-priced systems, such as advanced weather effects, night vision and infrared sensors, realistic battlefield smoke and helicopter rotor wash. EP-80 is scalable and available in multiple configurations. 

 The EP-80 fully leverages the latest COTS PC and graphics technologies to provide scalable performance from desktop brief/debrief stations to full field-of-regard simulators. It employs breakthrough second generation EP2™ real-time software to provide fully correlated, single source environment domains.

The EP-80 also provides compatibility across the complete line of EP image generators, enabling customers to combine less demanding training devices with high performance systems, yielding various levels of training that share common real-time software, databases and host interfaces.

Features & benefits

  • Frequent technology refreshes resulting in the most realistic scene fidelity, image quality and performance available using COTS PCs and server-class graphics cards
  • Features include advanced weather effects, night vision and infrared sensors, realistic battlefield smoke and helicopter rotor wash
  • Common host interfaces, including CIGI, allowing integration with existing host systems
  • Common databases with other EP products, EP2 run time and EP2 DBGS (database generation system)
  • Multiple options for full channel synchronization
  • Supports auto-generic airfields with no modeling 
  • Enhanced realism of sensors and environmental effects through use of shaders and particle effects
  • Highly realistic weather, including regional weather using textured, layered clouds, 3D clouds, ground fog, storm effects, physics-based atmospheric light scattering, etc.

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