Delight your passengers with an exquisitely cooked meal, steaming hot beverage, and refreshing frozen dessert from our versatile Endura® inserts collection.

Reliability and capability are what make the Endura inserts collection the right choice for in-flight service equipment. High-performance and power efficiency ensure low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the products. By design, they are easy to operate and maintain, which allows the flight crew more opportunity to deliver a superior passenger experience.

Endura® Direct-mount Water Heater

On-demand hot water permits your flight crew to respond quickly to passenger needs. A relaxing cup of tea or instant noodles, prepared within seconds, will add comfort and pleasure to the flight experience. With an almost endless supply of hot water with the 4.1 liter reservoir that heats and replenishes in seconds, the Endura direct-mount water heater is a valuable addition to any galley.

Endura Rail-mounted Water Heater

Deliver comfort instantly with the Endura rail-mounted water heater. Hot tea, hot cocoa and any beverage or food dishes prepared with hot water can be served promptly to your passengers, offering them an immediate sense of warmth and wellbeing. Rapid recovery technology ensures hot water is always available. The ergonomic design and optional high or low faucet locations offer ease-of-use for flight crew.

Endura Coffee Maker

Serve consistently rich and full bodied coffee to your passengers every time with the Endura coffee maker. It’s capable of dispensing 52 ounces in approximately three minutes and instantly recovering, so fresh coffee will always be available. Your flight crew will enjoy using it, due to the ergonomic design and easy maintenance, as well as a variety of customizable options.

Endura Convection Oven

Prepare delicious, high-quality in-flight meals in as little as 22-minutes with the Endura convection oven. Reliable heat distribution, a built-in door sensor and the integrated door seal will ensure meals are prepared to perfection. Passengers will be delighted when they are served such exquisite cuisine and your flight crew will revel in the ease-of-use.

Endura Steam Oven

Passengers may think they are at a gourmet restaurant when they are served the perfectly steamed vegetables and other delicate food items prepared with the Endura steam oven. Patented pressure-controlled steam technology produces high-quality meals cooked with even heat distribution. Reliable and easy to operate, our steam oven enables your flight crew to produce impressive in-flight meals every time.

Endura Beverage Chiller/Refrigerator/Freezer (Tri-Mode)

The versatile Endura beverage chiller/refrigerator/freezer (tri-mode) offers three standard operating modes in one unit. This multipurpose design saves space in the galley. Enhance the passenger experience with a perfectly chilled glass of wine from the pull-down wine/beverage chiller. With the touch of a button, you can change this unit into a refrigerator or a freezer to support your needs.