The HFS-900D is the most widely used High Frequency radio in airline use for long range communications. The system is made up of HF Transceiver (HFS-900D) and Antenna Coupler (CPL-920D). The system is certified on all Boeing and Airbus aircraft, including the unique power requirement on the 787 and A380. The HFS-900D has all Voice and Data Modes available today, including data to 1800 bps. The system replaces all earlier version of the Rockwell Collins HF radio products, including the HFS-900, HFS-700D, and 628T-2D.

  • The HFS-900D gives global communication coverage for both voice and data
  • An imbedded HF data MODEM, allows the data communication without external MODEM
  • The CPL-920D antenna coupler is a fully digital coupler, that uses a proprietary tuning algorithm that allows for ultra fast tuning.
  • Digital data communication includes the ACARS MU or CMU
  • The system meets all Boeing and Airbus requirements for operation on all in-production aircraft, including the 787 and A380
  • Meets all ARINC specification, including: 753, 635, 719 and 635