Collins Aerospace has designed a suite of water and waste components, including vacuum toilets and faucets, developed to provide substantial reliability improvements, cost competitiveness and plug and play retrofit. The components are in service on various line fit and retrofit platforms, and are certified for retrofit. Through these light, reliable, hygienic and economical vacuum toilets and water components, airlines can reduce their operating costs and enhance their passengers' experience.

agile® Toilet

The agile toilet and its parts

The agile® toilet cuts costs and addresses common failure points found in traditional lavatory toilets. With streamlined installation and ease of maintenance, the agile® toilet offers a record breaking low cost of ownership when compared to the legacy vacuum toilet on the market today. The agile® toilet is certified for retrofit on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 aircraft.

agile® Vacuum Toilets

Water Components

Water components for retrofit aircraft water and waste systems

We also offer a number of lavatory water components such as faucets and valve systems. All are designed, manufactured and certified for commercial aircraft water systems, making it easy to retrofit.

Water Components

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