Computerized image showing a drone over a target site

Collins has a robust, resilient, and Open Systems Approach solution designed for the small attritable market. All the components are of a high Technology Readiness Level/Manufacturing Readiness Level (TRL, MRL) which greatly reduces schedule and integration risk for customers.

Collins has the technical expertise and tactical experience to develop small form factor hardware and software that solves the most challenging problems associated with the ALE Concepts of Operation.

Demonstrated and proven this ready-now capability is primed to meet the Army’s aggressive program schedule while delivering a critical capability to the warfighter.

Launched Effects Collaborative Autonomy

Collins Aerospace has successfully demonstrated a ready-now Mission Systems solution to support the operations of Air Launched Effects (ALE) from Army Aviation’s Enduring and Future Vertical Lift (FVL) fleet. Comprised of an air vehicle, multiple payloads, and a Mission System, these ALE are a crucial piece of the FVL aircraft’s ability to extend the organic reach, lethality, and survivability of manned platforms with Operator-on-the-Loop autonomy.

Launched Effects Collaborative Autonomy