Bring the advanced Collins Aerospace waste system and the most innovative vacuum toilet in its category to your aircraft fleet with our vacuum waste system. Thanks to its advanced, lightweight design, this aircraft lavatory system offers significant cost savings over traditional industry offerings through its increased reliability, simplified maintenance and reduced weight.

Superior reliability

Collins Aerospace's vacuum waste systems are currently in service with a variety of customers, flying in diverse aircraft environments. We offer the complete waste system on certain aircraft types, and the vacuum toilet system on others.

The vacuum systems include toilets, vacuum generators, tanks and sensors. They have been rigorously tested to stringent OEM requirements and show increased reliability in-service for the full system as well as for the vacuum toilet. Our vacuum toilet has close to 30 million flight hours logged with a mean time between failure of nearly four times that of legacy systems.

Agile™ Vacuum Toilet

The agile toilet and its parts

Our vacuum waste systems include the agile™ vacuum toilet. Designed with feedback from airlines, certified on OEM and retrofit platforms, and optimized for efficiency, this advanced vacuum toilet will lower your operating costs while improving hygiene.

agile® Vacuum Toilets

Reduced Weight

Vacuum waste system assembly

Thanks to a composite polymer construction, you won’t need to sacrifice durability for weight savings. Our vacuum toilet is 50 percent lighter than today’s typical equipment and provides improved mechanical strength. Our waste tank systems also incorporate a groundbreaking integrated vortex separator.

Simplified maintenance

Our vacuum waste system’s toilet solves the leading drivers of maintenance found in existing systems, including fouled solenoids, troublesome Teflon® coatings, and faulty mechanical switches. It’s designed for comprehensive on-aircraft maintenance during a 15-minute turnaround, without the need for special tools. This simplified maintenance philosophy is incorporated throughout all of our water and waste system line-replaceable units (LRUs).