For more than a century, Collins Aerospace has played a vital role in developing, integrating and maintaining industry-advancing military and commercial aviation solutions in France. As one of the country’s leading aerospace companies, we proudly create French intellectual property, jobs and exports.

Collins Aerospace contributes to decisive technological breakthroughs for our French, European and global customers with four of our centers of excellence based in France:

  • Propellers (Figeac)
  • Avionics for civil rotary-wing aircraft (Blagnac)
  • Primary flight controls and helicopter and military transport winches (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône)
  • Helicopter fire protection systems (Antony)

We collaborate with French industrial small and medium enterprises and state institutions – such as the French civil aviation authority, DGAC and aerospace lab ONERA – as well as academia, to drive innovation and sustainable aerospace and defense solutions in France.

Our French customer base includes:

  • Aircraft and helicopter manufacturers
  • Airlines and airports
  • Business jet operators
  • Cargo carriers
  • Ministry of Defense
  • All branches of the armed forces
  • National security organizations
  • Other integrators and companies

Through our commitment to supporting and enriching the local communities where our people live and work, we focus on key areas: inspiring our youth; providing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational opportunities; investing in our local workforce; expanding employee skills; and supporting communities in the different regions of France.

This emphasis on giving back is an important component of Collins Aerospace’s presence in France. We will continue to shape the future of aerospace and defense in ways that strengthen France as home to some of the industry’s most innovative thinking and valued expertise.

Design and manufacturing expertise

  • Aerostructures
  • Avionics
  • Interiors
  • Mechanical systems
  • Mission systems



  • 60% of Collins Aerospace’s annual revenue in France is derived from exports
  • A member of Territoires d’Industrie
  • Founding member of the GIFAS industry association
  • A legacy of more than 50 years as a supplier to Airbus – delivering aerostructure, cockpit, cabin, mechanical, electrical and air management systems, as well as equipment for a digitally connected aircraft
  • Deliveries of more than 3,500 rotor and propeller brake systems over the past decade to French and international customers
  • A member of the modernization team for the French Air Force’s C-130H fleet
  • Delivery of the first active sidesticks for an airliner on the MC-21

France Head Office – Advanced Structures: Aerostructures

36 Avenue Jean Monnet
31770 Colomiers
Phone: +

France Head Office – Avionics, Fire Detection & Protection and Mission Systems

6 avenue Didier Daurat
B.P. 20008
31701 Blagnac Cedex
Phone: +

France Head Office – Interiors

6 avenue Didier Daurat
B.P. 20008 31701
Blagnac Cedex
Phone: +

France Head Office – Advanced Structures: Actuation systems

43 rue des prés
27950 Saint Marcel
Phone: +

France Head Office – Advanced Structures: Propeller systems

25 Avenue Ratier
46100 Figeac France
Phone: +

France Head Office – Power & Controls

13-15 Boulevard Eiffel
B.P. 20008
21604 Longvic Cedex
Phone: +

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