Collins ARINC Radio Technology Solutions (RTS), an industry leader with over 50 years of experience, provides proven and trusted communication systems and services.

ARINC RTS is a systems integrator (SI), managing your project from concept to implementation. We deliver detailed engineering designs and RF coverage analysis. As a technology agnostic SI, we find the best-in-class industry products and deploy solutions that fit your requirements. Our experts will complete the installation, system commissioning and acceptance testing, so you can be confident that the solution does what you need it to do.

With ARINC RTS managed services and ongoing maintenance support, your system can continue running fully optimized and at peak performance for years to come. We will also manage your FCC license coordination, as well as inventory and change management, if needed.

Our dedicated engineering team and in-house lab are constantly evaluating next-generation technologies such as private LTE/5G, CBRS and mission-critical push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular, so you will be ready for the future.

ARINC RTS is certified by OEMs to provide Level 1 on-site service and support across Canada and the United States.

Map of Collins Aerospace ARINC Radio Technology Solutions support locations in the United States and Canada

Ground Radio Communications

a man holding a communications radio in an office

ARINC RTS digital trunked radio services offer mission-critical voice and data communications. Whether your operations include a small campus-wide area or a nationwide interconnected network, ARINC RTS can provide the solutions you need.

In addition to PTT, our ground radio networks provide critical health and safety functionalities for users, such as live GPS positioning, man down alarms, lone worker and emergency calls. We work with the leading providers of DMR, TETRA and P25 radio manufacturers.

At Collins, we own and operate our own radio networks across the country and provide users with a flexible OPEX or subscription services model.  We can also deploy a full turn-key network on your behalf.

Air-to-ground VHF

a rendering of an airplane flying over an airport terminal

Reliable communication between the aircraft crew and ground operations is critical, especially as the aircraft approaches the airport (<200miles). ARINC RTS offers VHF air-ground-air radio service for voice communications between airport ground base operations and flight crew. Once the aircraft is on the ground, Air-to-ground VHF is used to maintain coordinated ramp operations between the aircraft crew and the ground operations dispatchers in the Operations Control Center.

Operations Control Centers With Dispatch Consoles

critical infrastructure control system

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is the brain and central nervous system of your operations.

By seamlessly integrating all of the different wireless networks (VHF, UHF, 800Mhz) and corporate telephony networks (PSTN, VoIP, etc.), as well as coordinating multiple and disparate groups, RTS can help your OCC achieve effective and reliable communications for consistently fast turnaround time.

We deliver industry-leading dispatch consoles, design configurations, deployment and ongoing support to improve your operational performance and safety.

Managed services capabilities

  • 24/7 customer support and response with a dedicated network operations center
  • Actively monitor, maintain and repair systems
  • Regulatory license coordination with FCC and Industry Canada
  • Airport security badge provides our employees with full ramp and concourse access, enabling faster response times
  • OEM-certified to provide Level 1 and Level 2 support and repairs


Connectivity And Network Services

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