As airspace requirements change and your missions expand internationally, you will need next-level capabilities. Collins Aerospace offers the Pro Line 21™ Advanced avionics system for the Bombardier Challenger 300 and 605. When you upgrade your flight deck, you’ll gain efficiencies that can save you considerable time, operating costs and pilot workload. You can make the most of your avionics upgrade and enhance your operations by including Collins ARINCDirectSM flight support services.

Features & benefits

flight deck controller

A more robust, feature-rich Flight Management System, including LPV technology

airline display with data

MFD with enhanced Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)

A flight controller

FANS 1/A for more efficient use of trans-Atlantic routing

a map with flight details

Synthetic Vision System to enhance operational safety in all weather

weather radar

MultiScan™ weather radar to avoid damaging turbulence, icing and hail

A pilot holding an ipad

ARINCDirectSM flight support services for comprehensive flight planning and cabin connectivity