Whether you’re looking for standard ARINC 404 and 600 trays or custom mechanical assemblies, we’ll provide avionics mounting trays that fulfill your system requirements. Our trays are available individually or as part of an Avionics Support Package (ASP).

Standard Specifications

ARINC 404 trays

We design our ARINC 404 and 600 equipment trays for standard mounting hole shelf locations, front hold-down locations and other dimensions per ARINC or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Custom Designs

We engineer trays for specific applications per OEM guidelines using 3D solid modeling, structural analysis and environmental qualification testing. Our custom designs include low-profile, military, ruggedized and other specialty options for ARINC 404/600, RTCA-DO160, MIL-STD-810, Boeing or Airbus standards.

Cooling Options

Mounting trays with cooling fans

For avionics that require cooling, our trays support convection airflow, forced-air cooling and fan cooling:

  • Convection airflow: Oval-shaped cutouts in the tray improve airflow
  • Forced air coolingSpecialized seals and plugs direct airflow as needed
  • Fan assemblies: Options for rear, side or bottom-mounted fans with a filter and plenum chamber for increased airflow, as well as low-speed warning detectors