ARINC Hermes™ Ground Software Upgrade

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Messaging is critical to successful airline operations; without it, it would not be possible for airlines to operate. Messaging not only enables flights to take off and land safely and on time, but also improves the passenger experience and supports connected aircraft operations.

With the exponential increase in data from new generation aircraft, choosing a system that can seamlessly manage all of this data in one place and deliver it to the right department is key. That’s where Collins Aerospace ARINC Hermes™ comes in.

Collins ARINC Hermes messaging software manages all flight deck and back office communications in one central location to simplify critical communications and remove the need for multiple systems. Hermes provides the simple exchange, integration and automation of messaging across an airline’s fleet, business systems and remote sites to reduce manual processes and increase cost efficiencies.

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Quick facts

  • Unlimited integration capability, protocols and format support
  • Processes, converts and translates any data
  • Intuitive web-based user interfaces
  • Configurable user levels, permissions and views
  • Supports both PostgreSQL and Oracle databases
  • Supports all major browsers and mobile platforms
  • Helpdesk support and emergency 24/7 support options available
  • Optional real-time graphical flight tracking tool

Instant benefits

Hermes statistical reporting tools help to optimize your fuel and messaging activity to significantly reduce costs, while fast message response times increase productivity by providing real-time information to enable prompt operational decision making.

Hermes can support you as your airline grows

With flexible pricing options covering the entire segment, ranging from start-up airlines and low-cost carriers to medium sized airlines and flag carriers, you can choose the solution that’s right for your airline.

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