Collins Aerospace has been a leader in navigation radios and continues its proven track record with three models of Pro Line 21™ navigation receivers: the NAV-4000, NAV-4500 and the VIR-4000. The NAV-4000 includes the VOR/localizer, glideslope, marker beacon and ADF receivers in a single package. The NAV-4500 is identical in size to the NAV-4000, but excludes the ADF receiver. The NAV-4500 is intended for installations offering a single ADF receiver as standard with a dual ADF receiver as an option. If you are looking for a VIR 32/432 replacement then the VIR-4000 is what you want. The VIR 4000 was designed to be a direct replacement for the VIR 32/432 keeping in mind some of the legacy interfaces like CSDB.

The Pro Line 21 navigation receivers are designed to support manual radio tuning as well as auto tuning from an FMS. There are many radio tuning options to choose from. Please consult your Collins dealer to choose the tuning option that best fits your needs. All the tuning options available support the DME paired frequency associated with the VOR.

Collins, with its long tradition of thinking about the maintenance crew, has incorporated a comprehensive self-diagnostic like no other in the industry. In the rare case the VHF should fail, real time failure status of the VHF 4000 is just seconds away either through the on-board maintenance system or through the controller.

  • NAV-4000 combines ADF with VOR, ILS and marker beacon receivers in a single package
  • NAV-4500 is identical to the NAV-4000, except it does not include the ADF receiver
  • Simplified installation with a single set of high-speed ARINC 429 I/O buses as part of our Pro Line 21 CNS suite
  • ARINC 429 and CSDB tuning and data interfaces support a variety of installation options
  • Lowest size, weight and power available for business and regional aircraft avionics.
  • Meets DO-160D Change 1 environmental requirements, which allows helicopter and composite aircraft installation
  • Improved maintainability from comprehensive maintenance software accessed through the aircraft’s maintenance computer or shop repair facility