Collins FlightHub™ is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application that centralizes these data sources and workflows by collating them into one single stream to the aircraft, providing fast and simple access to flight information when the pilot needs it. From pre-flight documents such as flight plans and weather information, to post-flight plans providing actual timing and fuel burn, FlightHub manages the entire flight lifecycle from start to finish.

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Data is simplified

With access to one digital source of information, handling data has never been easier. Lengthy paper-based processes are replaced to speed up tasks and reduce the likelihood of potential errors.

FlightHub provides access to aircraft and performance data at your fingertips. Automated data collection and analysis ensures information is quickly communicated between dispatch and the flight deck to enhance decision making. With fewer applications to manage, flight plans can be easily adjusted to the most optimal and economic routes to help improve planning and sustainable operations, unlocking the potential for time and fuel savings.

The intuitive user interface reduces the complexity of training and makes completing tasks fast and effortless. Accessed by a mobile or tablet, users can quickly navigate to where they need to go. With one single source for information, collaboration opportunities are increased and information sharing remains enhanced.

As your airline grows, FlightHub can grow with it. Because airlines, Collins and third-party data and applications can be easily integrated, FlightHub can support the needs of your airline both now, and in the future.

Double your impact with dynamic flight path trajectory

Collins Flight Profile Optimization (FPO) is a complementary solution that can be combined with FlightHub to enhance airline operations even further.

For decades, researchers have been attempting to reduce aircraft fuel consumption and minimize aviation's emissions on the atmosphere. Rising fuel costs are also prompting airlines to look at ways to reduce fuel burn to make flight more cost effective as well as sustainable.

Our FPO uses real-time data to identify the best flight path trajectory based on both lateral and vertical optimization. As weather conditions rapidly change in-flight, it can be difficult to determine the most optimal route that not only uses fuel efficiently but minimizes the impact on the environment.


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