Aircraft Throttle Control Modules (TCM) from Collins Aerospace install in the cockpit’s center pedestal/aisle stand. They enable pilots to modulate engine thrust via electronic signals sent to the engines’ FADEC system. In autopilot mode, the TCM levers are motor driven to indicate which engine thrust setting the auto pilot system is selecting. Levers also control engine reverse thrust during landing. Our TCMs meet certifications for multiple platforms across all market segments.
  • Autopilot alert feature: Motor-driven levers move automatically while in autopilot or auto-throttle mode to show pilots which settings the autopilot system is selecting.
  • Modularized fly-by-wire system interface
  • Servo control software: Certified as part of the module.
  • Meets RTCA/DO-160, RTCA/DO-178 and RTCA/DO-254 requirements
  • Auto throttle function: Interfaces with A/C via data bus interfaces.
  • Ergonomically designed human machine interface: Easy and efficient to operate.
  • Reverse thrust control, Auto Throttle (A/T) connect/disconnect and Take Off Go Around (TOGA) switches
  • Plug and play module: Simplifies and speeds installation.