Extending communications beyond the horizon

By enabling wireless HF/VHF/UHF users to adaptively form ad hoc networks, where and when they are critical for mission success, the Collins Aerospace SNC-2051 SubNet-Relay Node Controller has the flexibility you’re looking for.

TCP throughput

The SNC-2051 contains our IP Traffic Manager (IPTM), which is a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP), that dramatically improves TCP throughput in a high-latency, high-error wireless environment. Our embedded IPTM keeps traffic from timing out and dropping connections across wireless media.

Ease of integration

What’s more, the SNC-2051 can be integrated with RF bearers from HF and WBHF through to UHF, offering complete flexibility in system design. Featuring common industry standard hardware interfaces, SNC-2051 is an easy replacement for the SNC-2050 in your current architecture. Let us help you choose the right software option for compatibility with the SNC-2050 software which is operationally fielded across allied nations.

When mobile networking is critical, you can rely on the Collins SNC-2051 for flexible, secure and reliable connections when it matters the most.

Features & benefits

  • True mobile, ad-hoc, HF/VHF/UHF networking
  • Easy-to-use and self-organizing
  • Load/save multiple user configurations
  • Built-in data compression to improve throughput
  • Dynamic slot merging
  • Dynamically allocated channel bandwidth
  • Optimized use of both intelligent relay and routing
  • Adaptable to use with many modem/radio combinations
  • STANAG 4691/MARLIN-compliant

Additional features

  • Uses standard TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • Compliant with MARLIN STANAG 4691
  • Versions backward compatible with deployed SNC versions also available
  • Distributed TDMA network for mobile nodes
  • Dynamic slot and relay node allocation
  • Operates at data rates from 3.2 kbps (HF) to 1.92 Mbps (V/UHF)
  • Improves TCP throughput between 200% to 400% over standard
  • Up to 70 kbps TCP throughput, uncompressed, in a standard 25 kHz channel with Collins 96 kbps high speed modem (HSM-2051)
  • Standard synchronous and ethernet interfaces

SNC-2050 SubNet Relay Controller