Unmanned vehicles require high-performance, robust state estimation technology. The Athena® 111m integrated flight control system provides the navigation solution to a wide range of fixed-wing, ducted-fan and rotorcraft unmanned systems, including the U.S. Marine Corps RQ-21 Blackjack.

Offering you a lower unit cost to accommodate smaller unmanned systems, the integrated system of the Athena 111m incorporates a sensor suite that provides a full attitude, navigation and air data solution for use in vehicle flight-state measurement and control. Its onboard processor runs the algorithms necessary to provide this data to a range of signal input/output capabilities that enable it to integrate with aircraft systems.

Additionally, the 111m can support Athena flight control software, turning the integrated navigation system into a full UAS autopilot.

Features & benefits

  • Features GPS/INS navigation solution integrated with state-of-the art multi-input/multi-output flight control laws
  • Can enable control modes that include airspeed, altitude, climb rate, angle of attack, sideslip, 3D auto navigation and auto takeoff/landing
  • Uses highly reliable solid-state sensors, including accelerometers, rate gyros, magnetometer, air data pressure, AoA and sideslip sensors, along with a differential-ready, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver for a full INS/GPS navigation solution
  • On-board wind estimate
  • Dead reckoning
  • Auto-magnetometer mount compensation

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