New concepts are centered around multifunctionality, where several performance indicators are designed into a single surface solution, ranging from corrosion to wear and more. Our team of materials scientists, chemists, physicists and chemical engineers work closely with experts in metallurgy, composites, non-metallics, and ceramics to overcome some of the most challenging environments, ranging from sea-faring to space applications.

Focus areas

  • Surface related thermal management, such as high-temperature oxidation protection for composites like Carbon/Carbon
  • Environmentally friendly corrosion mitigation solutions, including coatings, process optimization, and advanced testing facilities
  • Surface energy tuning for applications, such as mitigating ice and organic matter buildup and creating self-cleaning surfaces
  • Antimicrobial coatings that protect component integrity and eliminate surface microbes
  • Durable coatings for abrasive, erosive, and general wear environments for metallics, plastics, and composites
  • Surface finishing, such as peening, blasting, milling, and more for simple and complex geometries