Windshield wiper systems are used in the aerospace industry on both rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft to maintain a clean windshield for safe operation. In addition to wiping the water away, wash systems provide a spray of liquid to clean contaminants off the windshield. Similar in basic design to the wiper system on an automobile, these aerospace versions are designed to function in a much harsher environment including temperature extremes, aerodynamic loads and high vibrations, all while meeting the highest standards of reliability.

Collins Aerospace has been a leader in windshield wiper/wash systems for decades, designing and producing many of the wiper systems used on both commercial and military rotorcraft, as well as fixed-wing aircraft. Through our Rosemount Aerospace Inc. business unit, Collins provides windshield wiper/wash systems for many of the rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft flying today, including:

  • Sikorsky UH/MH-60 Blackhawk
  • Boeing AH-64 Apache
  • Boeing 737
  • Embraer E1 and E2
  • Leonardo AW-139
  • NHIndustries NH-90

Typical Windshield Wiper/Wash System

Aircraft windshield wipers

We are a full-service provider, performing design, qualification, production, and aftermarket service and support throughout the product life cycle. We provide the entire windshield wiper/wash system including:

  • Controller
  • Motor-converter
  • Arm
  • Blade
  • Wash reservoir
  • Wash pump

Wiper Synchronization

Aircraft windshield wipers

Pilot/co-pilot synchronization is available. Our wipers will synchronize within a few strokes when the pilots turn on their individual wipers at different times. Collins systems are known for proven performance and reliability which is why we have been chosen for so many follow-on derivatives of aircraft that used our system on earlier models.

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