As we look to create a more sustainable future, we don’t just have our eyes on the sky. We’re also continuously working to reduce our environmental impact on the ground through better efficiency and resource management in our operations and across our supply chain activities. Here’s a look at some of our sustainability efforts on ground and the progress we’ve made in recent years.

Greenhouse gas emissions

We are working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our operations through efforts to reduce energy usage and turn to more renewable, sustainable options.

Solar energy is being utilized by seven sites worldwide to replace more than 3,898 MT CO2 and 4.3 million lbs. of coal burned per year – equivalent to removing 855 passenger vehicles from the road annually

At our propeller facilities, in 10 years we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 45% while growing our business by 50% and our workforce by 20%

18% reduction in GHG emissions since 2015 (131 MT CO2)

Water management

We strive to use water responsibly by improving our water management processes through rigorous oversight and conservation efforts. Depending on the geographical location of our sites and their natural environment, we optimize our production process and reduce virgin water usage by recycling water and reusing reclaimed water and rainwater.

99% implementation of water best management practices (BMPs) since 2015 

Waste elimination

We are committed to eliminating waste, championing reuse and recycling across our value chain to accelerate a more circular system.

Recycling 94% of all waste generated

Chemical risk reduction

We collaborate with our peers and partners to diligently monitor, manage and phase out harmful chemicals in our operations. We’re also finding greener solutions to deliver products with minimal impact.

Our Green Solutions Working Group (GSWG) brings together experts in materials science to work closely with the Raytheon Technologies Research Center, customers and suppliers to share knowledge and best practices. The GSWG currently has 13 environmentally friendly solutions under development, seven of which are ready for use.

The team has focused on EU REACH (an EU regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of restricted Chemicals), participating in forums to create “green” alternatives for dangerous chemicals.

2025 Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Goals

While we’re proud of the improvements we’ve made to our processes and their positive impact, there’s still much more to do. As part of Raytheon Technologies, we recently announced our 2025 Sustainability Environment, Health and Safety goals. Based on our 2019 baseline, these goals will drive significant improvement in important areas that matter to the company – and to our planet.

01 red circle

Reduce GHG emissions by 10%

02 red circle

Reduce water consumption by 10%

03 red circle

Reduce waste to landfill and incineration by 10%

04 red circle

Implement 100% of water, waste and energy/greenhouse gas best management practices