With more than half a century of experience in advancing actuation, we deliver systems that are at the forefront of design, manufacture, test and product certification. Choose from a wide range of actuation products, including:

  • Primary flight controls (fixed wing and rotorcraft)
  • Trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuator
  • High-lift systems
  • Nacelle actuation
  • Anti-ice valves
  • Composites
  • Utility actuation
  • Missile actuation

As we continue to invest in new technology developments, our engineers deliver innovative, break-through solutions to meet your toughest challenges. Breakthroughs, such as electro-mechanical actuation, look toward the future of actuation and we are taking the lead in distributing flight control architecture to simplify the overall system design and decrease the overall weight of an aircraft.

As the leading experts in fly-by-wire, hydraulic and electrohydraulic actuation design, Collins Aerospace offers a complete line of actuation products that enhance aircraft performance and reduce pilot workload. Safety is a key consideration in all our actuators. Multi-redundant architecture, in addition to our 650 million+ flight hours of fly-by-wire experience, ensure that each product meets your requirements. Featuring unrivalled reliability, our actuation systems are backed up by a global network of MRO service and support facilities, as well as a 24/7/365 customer response center.

Our customized capabilities cover the following platforms:


  • Main rotor actuation and tail rotor actuation
  • Weapon release


  • Flight controls


  • Control actuation system (CAS)
  • Thrust vector actuation (TVA)


  • Weapon Bay Door Drive System
  • Wing rotate
  • Wing fold
  • Pylon conversion
  • Air brake

Our actuation solutions are backed by a global network of dedicated engineers and technicians, meaning we're local to you 24/7/365. Our technical support offers tailored maintenance, rapid resolution, enhancements and so much more. And our global network of repair centers, extended warranty offerings and on-site maintenance services mean you keep flying.


Wolverhampton, West Midlands, U.K.

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