ARINCDirect Aircraft Cabin Connectivity Management Tools

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Fleet Status

This dynamic monitoring tool does more than provide ARINCDirect customers a visual representation of where their aircraft are and what they are doing. It does that, and also provides information on network availability and aircraft connectivity status to aid in maintaining a consistent and reliable internet connection for passengers. This includes identification of scheduled and unplanned network service outages to help pilots and dispatchers plan around them. ARINCDirect flight planning customers can even configure notifications to alert operations and crew in the event an outage may impact a scheduled flight.

  • Modern interface with intuitive navigation

  • Near real-time SATCOM network monitoring

  • Alerting for planned and unplanned connectivity outages

  • Integrated with ARINCDirect flight planning

Fleet Status

Coverage Overlay Maps

ARINC direct coverage map

Pilots can ensure they aren’t flying out of satellite coverage, into a dark beam or restricted airspace.

Content Filtering

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Control costs by determining the type of content that can be accessed using your onboard Internet.

ARINCDirect Ground Connect

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Passengers and pilots can utilize onboard 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity – without throttling and without network roaming.


ARINCDirect Cabin Connect

Cabin connect app on tablet

Gives passengers the capability to pay for their individual access to Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) usage using a credit card.

Network Analyzer App

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Easy-to-use network troubleshooting tools to help restore onboard connectivity.

ARINCDirect(SM) cabin cybersecurity

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Have confidence making financial transactions, video conferencing, chatting, texting, watching movies, using social media and using the internet.

ARINCDirect(SM) Dial

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A ground-to-air telephone service that provides your aircraft or fleet with a standard local phone number which routes calls to any handset in the aircraft.

Airborne Data Router (ADR)

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Enables flight deck and cabin connectivity for IP devices and EFBs.


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