It’s been the workhorse of the military aviation world for decades. And with the right upgrades, your C-130 Hercules aircraft can continue to perform for decades longer. Collins Aerospace has intelligent solutions across the aircraft that will enable superior performance at a fraction of the price of a new aircraft. We offer avionics, mission equipment, propulsion, seating, lighting, services, support and more to ensure readiness for future missions as well as future airspace requirements. Choose the cost-effective upgrade solution that’s backed by the trusted expertise of Collins Aerospace.

Collins C-130H Upgrade Solutions: A Smart Way to Modernize your Legacy C-130 Fleet

From faster time to climb to more precise air drops, give your C-130H the capabilities to continue being an aviation stalwart well into the 2040s.
Military C-130 on ground

Choosing Collins Aerospace for your upgrade solution

As the original equipment manufacturer on all the elements in your C130H upgrade solution, Collins delivers the product knowledge to best support the objectives you want for your fleet. We’ve designed every product, system and service to work together, and we have the proven integration experience to ensure a smooth upgrade transition.

Our worldwide network of service centers will be there to repair our equipment for decades to come. We’ll provide you a level of service that’s appropriate for your operations to get you flying again as soon as possible and don’t require you to buy a long-term service contract with the upgrade. We’re happy to work through your in-country MRO or other third parties to address installation and maintenance.

Intelligent modernization solutions across the aircraft

The benefits to upgrading your C-130H fleet with Collins Aerospace are clear:

  • Shorter takeoff and landing distances
  • Faster time to climb
  • Lower basic weight
  • More precise airdrops
  • Increased reliability
  • Higher mission completion
  • Extending aircraft service life

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