All welcome. All equal. All in.

We want every colleague at Collins – no matter where you are in the world, what job you have, how you identify or what life experiences have shaped you – to be able to say these four statements with confidence:

  • I feel valued, seen and heard at Collins Aerospace – and am comfortable being myself here.
  • I know my career goals will be supported at Collins Aerospace.
  • I see people like me at all levels of leadership.
  • Collins Aerospace is genuinely committed to DE&I – and I understand why.

This aspiration drives our DE&I strategy, initiatives and actions. Along with our parent company, RTX, we are fully committed to global DE&I leadership.

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Supporting you and your career

A woman works on an assembly line

Together, we’re tackling some of the most interesting and thought-provoking challenges in the world. All in pursuit of our vision: to make the world smarter, safer and more connected. And we know diverse perspectives and ideas enable us to deliver the best results for our customers and our colleagues.

A Collins Aerospace employee assembles airline seats in our Winston-Salem facility

No matter what your career goals are, we can support them. We're proud to offer one of the most comprehensive employee education programs in the world, a wide range of professional development programs, and an internal, internationally-accredited technical university where you can learn from Collins technical experts and Fellows from all over the world. We have strong partnerships with a multitude of external organizations who also provide networking and professional development opportunities throughout the year, including the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, Women of Color in STEM, Disability:IN and more. Not to mention what you’ll learn on the job, with the support of your manager and team members. Collins is where you can unleash your full potential.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Valued, seen, heard and comfortable

A woman applies Pride-themed face paint to another woman

Our nine ERGs are one important way that we amplify the voices of the diverse communities that make up our workforce. Our ERGs build community and connection. They create safe spaces to learn and listen. They push our global organization to be better every day. Whether you’re a member of an ERG community or an ally, you are welcome. Also check out our Veterans and LGBTQIA+ inclusion pages.

Collins Aerospace employees celebrate Pride Day


RTX ADAPT at Collins

The Abled & Disabled Associates Partnering Together (ADAPT) ERG is a community that supports individuals with diverse abilities, their caregivers and allies. ADAPT aims to ensure that all employees are empowered, supported and achieved their full potential.


RTX ASPIRES at Collins

The Asian Pacific Islander Resource Group (ASPIRES) ERG supports and unites the company’s global Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community to promote a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. The group's goal is to drive forward API professional talent, leadership, and cultural awareness to make RTX the employer of choice.


RTX BXN at Collins

The Black Excellence Network (BXN) serves Black employees across the African diaspora through a strategic framework to drive impactful change enterprisewide. BXN promotes talent advancement, innovation, and cultural awareness for its members - with one voice, one direction and one purpose.


RTX HOLA at Collins

The Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA) community contributes to a multicultural workforce through leadership development, education, and providing valuable resources for the Hispanic/Latinx communities.


RTX NXGEN at Collins

The RTX Next Generation Professionals (NXGEN) empower and connect early career and experienced professionals through career development, networking and mentorship opportunities. The group is focused on developing a diverse talent pipeline and providing a platform for all employees to accelerate their careers at any stage.


RTX PRIDE at Collins

RTX PRIDE focuses on intersectionality, advancing education, personal development, community support and enterprise-wide advocacy for the company's LGBTQIA+ community and allies. The group is focused on empowering physical and psychological safety to create a workplace where all members of the PRIDE community can bring their authentic selves to work.


RTX RAIN at Collins

The RTX Alliance of Indigenous Nations (RAIN) champions Indigenous causes and drives positive change for indigenous communities. Dedicated to preserving our history inspiring the next generation of 'Indigineers', RAIN helps employees build professional and personal connections and gain leadership experience at all levels of the company.


RTX VETS at Collins

As a forum for the Armed Services community, including service members, veterans, family, and supporters, RTX VETS cultivates RTX's most valuable resource - people - through empowerment, awareness and engagement.


RTX WISE at Collins

Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment (WISE) fosters an environment where all women can grow and thrive. The community is committed to driving both cultural and systemic change to help all women realize their potential.

Meeting you where you are in your career

We offer several benefits and programs designed to meet your unique needs. Here’s what colleagues had to say.

T'yanna Rouse

Employee Scholar Program

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined graduating from one of the top nationally-ranked educational communications programs. Earning my masters degree through the Employee Scholar Program has helped me stay in the know with all the latest trends and strategies, and connected me with top, industry professionals who will continue to support me throughout my career." - T'yanna

Collins employee Fred Brown talks to a young man

Black Talent Accelerator

"My experience in the Black Talent Accelerator (BTA) has been meaningful. It’s allowed me to create a framework to focus on my career aspirations. I’ve participated in focused 1:1 mentoring/sponsorship sessions with Collins’ Black Executive Council members, and I’ve met other high-potential peers through networking and transformative learning opportunities." - Fred

Liz Barnet

Women in Line Leadership (WILL Rise)

"The WILL Rise program has been a critical development experience for me. A curriculum developed by women leaders in the organization who are in line leadership positions helped make the material relevant and practical. The collaborative and curated networking across the RTX means I now have strong, personal and professional relationships I wouldn’t have had otherwise." - Liz

John Edquist


"TechTracks provided the opportunity to work with technical leaders across Collins and make an impact beyond my day-to-day role. The program supported me in understanding my strengths and passions in developing my career plan. Together, with a multi-disciplinary cohort of engineering peers, we applied learnings to real projects which directly supported the greater Collins. More than ever, I understand my path forward." - John

Anna Szewczyk

Leading Inspired Females in Technology (LIFT)

"Leading Inspired Females in Technology is a place where I’ve been able to share my thoughts openly, discuss ideas and strengthen my skills. This unique group of colleagues has supported me in my career development from department manager to leader of a whole engineering organization. LIFT is making a difference for each of us, our families, our company and the world." - Anna

Dan Lenzini

Professional Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering (PrIME) (rotational program)

"PrIME has given me a strong foundation as I progress in my career and has instilled in me confidence to succeed in future roles. The rotational nature of the program exposed me to various projects, roles and responsibilities and helped me become a better listener, clearly articulate my thoughts and adapt my communication." - Dan

Deepa Jampana receives a diploma from the Re-Empower program


"It (Re-Empower) boosted my confidence and helped me get back into the swing of things. I was able to take the time I needed to adjust, while developing the skills I needed to succeed." - Deepa

Saravanan Jeyaraj

Customer Oriented Results and Excellence (CORE)

"CORE is all about change management which requires paradigm thinking within yourself and others. To be successful in change management, it’s critical to think differently and hear what hasn’t been said. The program’s kaizen (i.e., “change for the better”) engagements and trainings provided me enormous opportunities to experience and practice these soft behaviors. The CORE certification process exposed me to multiple global stakeholders and reiterated our company values: Trust, Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, and Innovation."

- Saravanan
Amrutha Kasala

Flying Lessons

"The Flying Lessons leadership program helped me build my confidence in my leadership abilities. I gained a greater understanding of my personal priorities as a leader, developed my skillset and established a new and diverse professional network. This program provided the opportunity to network with peers and hear from experienced leaders about their own personal journeys." - Amrutha

Partnerships for progress and development

We partner with over 30 external organizations across the world to progress our DE&I strategy. Our partnerships make Collins an even more inclusive place where everyone feels seen, heard, valued and respected. Some of our partners are included below.

Business Disability Forum

"We're excited to partner with the Business Disability Forum because it's the UK's top disability workplace charity and supports disability inclusion. Not only do we have access to countless resources and helpful materials, but we also are able to attend a range of disability inclusion events and call the Advice Service line whenever our managers need confidential guidance. Our partnership has helped us as we continue to make Collins a place where everyone feels valued, respected and heard." – Isla

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Society of Women Engineers (SWE) logo

Society of Women Engineers

“Of the many benefits of belonging to SWE, I cherish most its community. Regardless, if you need advice, a boost, or someone to celebrate the moments that are significant to you, SWE and its members provide the friendship and mentorship that help you aspire, advance, and achieve on your terms.” - Cherie

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National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) logo

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

“NSBE has served as a space for self-development as well as a way to be of service to the greater community.” – Emmeline

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DoD SkillBridge logo


"Transitioning from more than 20 years of active U.S. military service to the civilian workforce is a daunting experience. The Collins team provided me a warm and welcoming environment to learn and grow, making the transition all but seamless, decreasing the anxiety of stepping away from the life I’ve known for so long. I am forever grateful for the partnership between the DoD and Collins!" – Sherresa

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Out & Equal logo

Out & Equal

"From the day I started working with the company five years ago, I found a place where I could be authentically myself at work, no matter what space I was occupying. Messaging from leadership has always been very clear on the importance of supporting LGBTQIA+ colleagues and their allies. Even more importantly, leader actions are aligned to supporting LGBTQIA+ colleagues and have made me feel like my sexual orientation or how I choose to present myself, are not a limiting factor to the growth or advancement of my career." – Alejandro

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Disability:IN logo


"Our partnership provides traditionally marginalized groups of people a chance to tell their stories. Disability:IN’s expertise enables all of us to be better advocates for the true inclusion of those with seen and unseen disabilities. Their conferences, research and resources help you really 'see' your colleagues and empathize with their challenges." - Taj

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SHPE logo

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

"SHPE is where you can find fantastic, innovative engineering (STEM) talent. It’s also a great avenue to grow as a student and a professional. Providing a platform with invaluable resources and opportunities for our Hispanic/Latin community, SHPE has a broad reach, engaging everyone from elementary school children and their parents to college students looking to get experience to professionals interested in career development and growth opportunities. The organization is empowering. It truly is a familia!" - Esther

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Accountability matters

Learn more about our commitments and how we're prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities and across our supply chain by checking out the 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report. You can also review our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy.

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