With regulations and safety requirements increasing around the globe, the need for a reliable partner to provide testing and training for both your aircraft and crew is critical. Our team is ready to ensure you are trained and equipped to fly with confidence.

What is FANS testing?

Collins Aerospace offers FANS testing through our ARINCDirectSM flight support services team. This testing allows customers to verify the functionality and features of their aircraft-installed FANS equipment.

Two simple requirements:

  • Your aircraft avionics suite
  • Reliable reception

We have two automated FANS test stations available 24/7and four manual FANS test stations, capable of remote customer access. FANS testing is conducted via our live network using either VHF or Satellite data link, verifying fluid installations and equipment upgrades.

What is FANS training?

The FANS 1/A + and controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) training course incorporates a unique training program, capable of emulating a pilot's real-world communications with Air Traffic Control (ATC). The program provides a more realistic instructional experience than traditional classroom teaching alone. The course is FAA approved pursuant to the requirements set forth in AC 120-70C.

Covered topics:

  • FANS CPDLC concept, theory & system requirements
  • Automatic dependent surveillance contract
  • Aeronautical facilities notification logon process
  • Pilot interface and interaction with onboard systems supporting CPDLC
  • Common contingency scenarios
  • Hands-on, in-cockpit training using published ATC message sets

Using our Pilot Trainer emulation program enables flight crews to have an interactive experience with real-time feedback, providing an improved understanding of FANS operations.

What other FANS support services are available through the ARINCDirect team?

  • Troubleshooting and technical support for FANS CPDLC, ADS-C and FANS/DCL
  • Provide logs outlining all broadcasts to and from the aircraft for auditing purposes
  • Assistance in compiling the necessary information for a submission-ready Letter of Authorization (LOA) data package


ARINCDirect Services

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