Knowing the location of every aircraft while en route is critical for both safety and accuracy. Comprehensive flight tracking not only provides important information about flight status, but also alerts users about challenging conditions that may disrupt a flight.

Collins Aerospace is helping airlines display critical aircraft data that can enable more efficient and cost-effective decision making en route. Our ARINC flight data display harnesses the power of real-time data in one unique flight and fleet tracking tool. The web-based flight data display’s flexibility enables it to be used as a standalone service or integrated with other Collins flight operations tools, such as ARINC Hermes.

Seamless flight tracking powered by ARINC MultiLinkSM

The display uses ARINC MultiLinkSM as its primary aircraft tracking data source; however, third-party and airline data can also be easily integrated. ARINC MultiLink merges multiple data feeds – including terrestrial and space based ADS-B, ADS-C, FANS, FAA TFM, EUROCONTROL, ACARS and Collins own HFDL Diagnostics Data – to provide increased awareness of the fleet’s location, even when travelling over remote regions.

The situational display provides a simple and clear visual representation to ensure key flight information is available at a glance to support airline operations.

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