Transforming the aviation industry with the power to predict, analyze and optimize

Aviation runs on data. From the inner workings of an airport and the surrounding airspace to the information transferred between the flight deck to the airline operation center and back. Collins Aerospace believes that by helping customers connect, interpret and create value from the billions of data points between the aircraft, airline and airspace, we can unlock new opportunities for optimization and cost reduction across the ecosystem. Through the power of machine learning and years of historical flight data, we’re making a connected aviation ecosystem possible, today.

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Sustainable, connected aviation

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Our value

Our portfolio of smart products and predictive technology helps airports and airlines comprehensively predict, analyze and optimize their operations. From contactless solutions for passengers, better logistics planning for airports to better diagnostics and flight path optimization for air carriers – we’re taking a data-driven approach to supporting the full aviation ecosystem.

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decrease in potential delays1
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gallons of fuel saved per aircraft, per year, with data-optimized flight paths
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decrease in unscheduled maintenance2
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network reliability to quickly and securely transmit information

Note: Results vary by customer.

  1. Related to Collins Aerospace components: 30% decrease in potential delays and cancellations related to components and systems monitored on the Boeing 787 fleet
  2. Related to Collins Aerospace components: 20% decrease in unscheduled removals for various components on the Boeing 777 fleet

Our solutions

In the world of aviation, data is everywhere. Helping our customers harness that data to predict, analyze and optimize their operations is essential to delivering a connected aviation ecosystem – making travel more reliable, efficient and enjoyable.

Air traffic dispatch

Predictive data

We’re making it easier for airline operators to use AI and machine learning to analyze years of aircraft and flight data, generating valuable insights and recommendations for predictive maintenance. Combined with real-time data, this allows for fast decision-making, optimized routes, improved travel time and fuel usage, and streamlined maintenance schedules for improved aircraft availability.

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Analysis and connectivity solutions

We’re providing secure air-to-ground connectivity solutions driven by insightful analysis. By connecting the right people with the right data at the right time, we’re helping operators ensure ground crews are better prepared and improving the travel experience for passengers by maximizing on-time departures.

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Operational optimization

We’re helping airports and airlines quickly and securely transmit information to dispatchers, maintenance workers and other personnel. This improves on-time departures, reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions for more sustainable operations.

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Seamless passenger journey

We’re streamlining air travel processes for check-in, boarding, in-flight service, deplaning and baggage management with secure, contactless and connected solutions.

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Our latest

Air traffic control

Collins Aerospace enables the power to predict

Improving the aviation industry and passenger experience with data.
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Making the right connections

Improving the passenger experience, sustainability, operational efficiency and more
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Boeing 777x in flight

Helping airlines stay on schedule this holiday season

Collins Aerospace helps airlines stay on schedule by providing the power to comprehensively predict, analyze and optimize
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Connected Aircraft

Turning data into value for your airline
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Air traffic control

Air Traffic Management

A global ecosystem of integrated aviation solutions

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