Collins Aerospace ARINC Graphical Text Weather Service (GTWS) is an innovative flight deck offering that provides weather reports and information upon request. It is a single service that combines multiple, near real-time data feeds for accurate weather data that is then available anywhere in the world.

While it’s important to understand current weather conditions, knowing what may lie ahead is also key. GTWS provides access to both current and future airport weather information to improve situational awareness, allowing pilots to plan and react to unfavorable weather conditions quickly and efficiently.

The service also includes on-demand alerting for potentially hazardous conditions – thus ensuring better communication between pilots and dispatch. This increased situational awareness helps operators optimize flight planning around weather systems to reduce fuel usage and lower maintenance and compensation costs.

Specific features include:

  • Text-only routine weather reports (METARs)
  • Terminal area forecasts (TAFs)
  • Combined weather and terminal reports
  • Significant meteorological (SIGMET) information
  • Convective SIGMET information
  • Airman’s meteorological information (AIRMETs)

As an added benefit, Collins GTWS also offers the flexibility of combining with any data link provider, data link media or Flight Management System (FMS). This enables quick and simple installation without additional hardware charges or fees.

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