The Collins Aerospace HGA-2100B SATCOM High Gain Antenna complies with ARINC 781 and offers a low profile, electronic steering and phased array. It also complies with Inmarsat requirements for high-gain service and optimizes SwiftBroadband operations. The antenna contains an integrated beam-steering unit and receives command information directly from the Satellite Data Unit.

Ideal for installations that require a compact system, the HGA-2100B provides a cost-effective solution with a very low drag-to-weight ratio. It is approved for safety service operations.

Features & benefits

  • ARINC 781 compliance: Offers the latest standardization for optimal aircraft integration.
  • Two LRU solution (antenna and diplexer/low-noise amplifier) with integrated beam steering unit: Eases installation and certification.
  • Simultaneous operations: Enables Inmarsat Aero- H/H+ and SwiftBroadband services.
  • Compact design: Low profile and drag compared with other antennas in its class.
  • Greater than 12dBiC gain over 90 percent Inmarsat hemisphere: Gives your communications a better edge of coverage.
  • Variable frequency power supply: Choose from 28VDC and 115VAC for flexible installations.
  • DO-178 level D software: The system meets all requirements for safety services operations.