ARINC Integrator Simplifies Your Messaging Environment

Airport with planes grounded

The criticality of data to the aviation industry is growing exponentially. Even more so is its abundance. New demands for data will drive significant changes to decision-making applications used to support airlines, airports and ground handlers. These demands will make managing data and applications for improved operational efficiency all the more vital.

Airlines, airports and ground handlers need a way to efficiently leverage existing and new system capabilities made available through the connected aircraft. Emerging technologies in aviation – such as the use of new message types, cloud services and the Internet of Things – are key factors in the increasing information exchange among the global airspace community.

Collins Aerospace designed our ARINC Integrator software tool specifically to help the aviation community manage these ever-increasing complexities. ARINC Integrator can be implemented as an on-premise solution, as Software as a Service (SaaS), or within a customer-supported cloud environment.

This flexible platform integrates new, existing and hybrid environments, enabling the efficient use of data to improve operations while also reducing infrastructure costs through its virtual and scalable functionality.

ARINC Integrator extends the power of our global network directly to you, delivering a single solution for:

  • Queuing
  • Routing
  • Protocol conversion
  • Parsing and content manipulation
  • Archiving
  • Monitoring

Features & benefits

  • Flexible solution to integrate data across new and existing airline IT and Ops environments
  • Complete control of data environment, including message parsing, reformatting, redirect, archive and replay
  • Converged solution reducing IT footprint, saving time, money and resources
  • Ability to identify available and usable data for improved operations


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