FlightHub™ Flight Profile Optimization

Air traffic dispatch

Pilots use Flight Profile Optimization (FPO) to monitor aircraft performance and weather to ensure the safest and fastest routes. Additionally, with FPO, pilots have the power to choose flight routes that improve fuel efficiency, on-time performance and reduce CO2 emissions. (U.S. Only)

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Hermes charts on web

Our Hermes messaging software manages all flight deck and back-office communications in one central location to simplify critical communications and remove the need for multiple systems. Hermes provides the simple exchange, integration and automation of messaging across an airline’s fleet, business systems and remote sites to reduce manual processes and increase efficiency. What’s more, with Hermes’, statistical reporting tools help to optimize fuel and messaging activity to significantly reduce costs, while fast message response times increase productivity by providing real-time information to enable prompt operational decision making.

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Aircraft data management device

Optimize costs, increase safety and improve customer service with InteliSight, a single platform that brings together hardware, application, security and services. With the power to optimize, flight crews, technical operators and airlines can adjust aircraft operations for improved fuel consumption and on-time departures/arrivals; use mobile tablet technology for more accurate GPS positions, ground speed and aircraft heading, as well as crew awareness of flight operations.

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