Satisfy even the most distinguished passenger with flavorful coffee and perfectly prepared meals from the Modus® inserts collection.

Created with industry-leading technology in coffee makers, hot water heaters and ovens, Modus inserts offer modern aesthetics and intuitive interfaces. Passengers will appreciate the quality of food and beverages prepared with Modus products. Colorful steamed vegetables, full bodied coffee and on-demand hot water will keep them delighted and happy. Flight crews approve of the high performance and ergonomic designs, which allow them to serve passengers quickly and efficiently.

Modus Water Heater

Top-notch hot water dispensing has never looked so good. Modus hot water heaters have an elegant, contemporary look with user-friendly controls. This unit has a unique combination of reliability, quality, usability and modern appearance. Passengers will enjoy the food and beverages prepared with the easily controlled faucet and the rapid recovery technology.

Modus Coffee Maker

Advanced technology and innovative features make Modus the premier coffee maker for aircraft galleys. The proprietary brewing system ensures a full-bodied, rich flavor every time. It is able to dispense up to 52-ounces in three minutes. Passengers will always have hot coffee on-demand. The updated control panel will allow flight crew to efficiently serve passengers their coffee.

Modus Convection Oven

The lightest in the industry, Modus convection ovens are reliable, efficient and easy to use. The light weight does not take away from the quality; prepare passengers full, hearty meals in a short time and they will be delighted as they enjoy their flight. Meals are prepared with easy one-touch controls and modern ergonomic design for efficiency.

Modus Steam Oven

The Modus steam oven is the lightest steam oven in the industry, yet it is durable in operation, efficient and easy to use. Your customers will approve of the colorful steamed vegetables and tender meats served during their flight. The steam technology enhances food flavor, including rice-based dishes or seafood. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use and efficient for in-flight meal preparation.