We cover two major technical areas:

  1. Engineering simulation - Focuses on virtual representations of cyber-physical products and uses simulation to explore solutions, generate various measures and assessments of requirements and design, and enable sound engineering decisions during product development, manufacturing, maintenance and operations
  2. Digital systems engineering - Delivers solutions based on digital, model-based approaches for design and analysis to transform systems engineering practices as required by the increasingly complex, connected and AI-enabled products

Focus areas

  • Collaborative model-based product definition securing IP for virtual products exchange
  • Virtual integration and distributed simulation in extended enterprise environments
  • Model-Based methods for design and analysis of aerospace sensor architectures and ground-airborne communication networks
  • Model-Based methods for machine learning assurance in aerospace applications
  • Model-Based methods for mechanical systems and components’ digital design, from requirements to CAD designs and manufacturing processes
  • Augmentation of Model-Based Engineering practices leveraging Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and extended reality capabilities