Whether you’re executing high altitude/high opening (HAHO) or high altitude/low opening (HALO) jump missions, you can count on Collins Aerospace's OXYJUMP™ oxygen supply system to enable you and your team to focus on the mission at hand, not your equipment.

Optimize Performance

Oxygen tube for cannister

OXYJUMP’s demand breathing regulator constantly adjusts the proper mix of oxygen to the altitude from mean sea level up to 10,000 meters -- conserving oxygen and optimizing system and mission performance.

Two cylinder system

The fully automatic, stand-alone system meets the demanding requirements of special forces up to 10,000 meters (33,000 feet), even under extreme environmental conditions. The two-cylinder system supplies oxygen for ascent and descent, automatically switching when the pressure of the ascent cylinder drops below 4 bar (60 psi).

Designed for mission flexibility

Our modular design offers mission flexibility, enabling you to use OXYJUMP on most tactical parachute systems – even in tandem configuration. OXYJUMP supports your entire mission team – providing an independent oxygen supply for both parachutists and aircrew.

Extended Lifetime Usage

Oxygen cannister

Designed with durable, plastic- and composite-free components to meet the rugged demand of special forces teams, OXYJUMP will enable you to complete unlimited missions with scheduled routine maintenance by Collins Aerospace. Enhancements and upgrades are also made with scheduled maintenance.