The LRA-2100 benefits from digital technology to use 40% less power and weigh 25% less. The latest digital technology eliminates legacy analog components and utilizes dual independent processing of all return components in range returns simultaneously. This enhanced capability for altitude reporting enables multi-target adaptation for fewer auto-pilot disconnects, bright spot rejection, and rejection of under-flying aircraft. This technology provides significantly improved performance over runway approach structures to better ensure integrity and safety. The LRA-2100 has been tested and proven to be resilient against high levels of 5G interference.

LRA-2100 is a reliable, next- generation 5G solution that is immediately available.

  • Provides proven performance in high-powered 5G environments
  • Has no runway exclusions under current AMOC process
  • Satisfies long-term needs and requirements
  • Reduces 5G impact to flight operations and safety
  • The LRA-2100 has no limitations within the U.S market

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