Turning data into value for your airline

Connected Aviation Ecosystem

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The aviation industry is increasingly embracing digital technologies as it seeks to enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the passenger experience. Newer generation smart aircraft are producing more data than ever before and legacy fleets can be equipped with systems that allow them to harness the power of data. The Internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics are turning data into valuable information that can be acted upon to support connected aircraft operations.

Collins Aerospace is helping the aviation industry achieve this digital transition via our extensive offering of solutions. We have everything an airline needs to enable the connected ecosystem: onboard hardware, air-to-ground connectivity, as well as ground and airborne applications. Airlines can depend on Collins to help them access, move and analyze the data their fleets generate, turning it into actionable insight.

Airlines and passengers alike benefit from our digital offerings. Because our full range of nose-to-tail and air-to-ground solutions provide better access to information, better decision making results lead to increased efficiencies such as fuel savings, enhanced flight performance and proactive maintenance capabilities. Not only does that mean a greater return on investment for airlines; but a better flight experience for passengers as well.

The Connected Aircraft Cabin

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The connected cabin leverages the power of connectivity to provide a range of smart solutions that enhance the passenger experience, streamline crew processes and reduce costs throughout the cabin.

The Connected Aircraft Cockpit

Pilot on a Boeing 787 flight deck

Collins Aerospace offers a range of connected cockpit solutions that unlock the true value of the connected aircraft using a full range of nose-to-tail solutions.

Analytics Solutions for the Connected Aircraft

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We can provide smart solutions that enable aircraft operators to understand and transform the right data into information that can be leveraged to improve operations in targeted ways.

Analytics Solutions

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