The Collins Aerospace integrated MFD-2810 multi-function display delivers video and graphics on an XGA resolution (1024 by 768 pixels), high-performance Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD). The unit can simultaneously display up to four video windows on the full 8-by-10.6-inch active area of the AMLCD.

Customizable through the ARINC 661 open standard, the MFD-2810 includes Avionics Full-DupleX (AFDX) Ethernet to provide significant network flexibility and reduce aircraft wiring and weight. You can also add a 3D graphics processor for applications such as synthetic vision.

A sealed chassis with an integral cooling fan and a 17 push-button bezel complete the robust mechanical design. The MFD-2810 is a rugged performer with full civil certification.

Features & benefits

  • Rugged, military, civilian, multi-application (dual use)
  • Multiple merge layers: videos, 2D & 3D graphics, WXR, dual cursor
  • OpenGL 3D graphics
  • Power PC processing with multiple OS accommodations
  • Synthetic VISion (SVIS) hardware enabled
  • I/O complement including: EIA/TIA-422, G/O discretes, ARINC 708 weather radar and analog and digital video
  • ARINC 661 standard compliant
  • Gamma correction
  • Variety of video accommodations across product line:
    • RS-170 mono/RGB, true white monochrome
    • RS-343 mono/RGB
    • HDTV digital video (SMPTE 292M -720p and 1080i)
    • NTSC/PAL composite

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