Give your crew members and tactical staff a reliable, flexible source of oxygen for their missions. OXYMOSS offers stand-alone performance or can enhance the capacity of your current on-board oxygen system. You can configure OXYMOSS in a variety of ways with different cylinder sizes and number to meet your mission requirements. And with standardized control panels and ports, it’s a simple system for your team to learn and use.

Large capacity for multiple missions

OXYMOSS carries up 28,800 liters in six oxygen cylinders. Your combat teams can execute multiple drops at up to 33,000 feet before returning to base. In the combat free-fall console, eight ports support two 24-liter cylinders per port.

Meets requirements for military transport

Self-contained and portable, OXYMOSS mounts to the aircraft floor during flight with tie-down lashings. Grip handlebars make the unit more maneuverable in tight spaces. The humidity indicator and pressure relief valves are integrated for easy monitoring.

Extended lifetime usage

We’ve designed OXYMOSS with durable, plastic- and composite-free components to meet the rugged demands of special forces teams. You can complete unlimited missions with routine scheduled maintenance by Collins Aerospace.