A shift in viewpoint can broaden horizons, shape new possibilities and bring clarity to the bigger picture. As our world faces the realities of climate change and our industry looks for a sustainable path forward, Collins Aerospace is bringing an elevated perspective to help lead the way.

As a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry, we are in a unique position to make a positive impact on the future. Our resources, knowledge and experience give us a greater grasp of the challenges ahead – and above. Join us and see where an elevated perspective and a commitment to sustainability can take our world.

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Sustainability at Collins Aerospace

Sustainability in flight

We bring our commitment to sustainability to life at every level.

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We are amplifying and accelerating our efforts to create more environmentally responsible technologies, from lighter materials and more efficient electric systems to technologies that optimize flight paths and fuel burn. And on the ground, we are setting aggressive goals to reduce our environmental footprint across our facilities and supply chain partners. Explore how we’re not just talking big when it comes to sustainability – we’re making it fly.

Connected Ecosystem

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From our perspective, a more connected ecosystem—one that offers seamless connectivity, improved operations and an enhanced experience for all stakeholders—is essential if aviation is to become more sustainable. Not just in the near-term, but for generations to come.

See how we're connecting our industry with a better tomorrow

Alternative Power Sources

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We’re bringing our vision for more sustainable flight to life by investing in breakthrough technologies and capabilities that can revolutionize the industry. And to do that, we need to understand and explore every option.

See how we're using more electric systems and hybrid-electric propulsion to drive sustainability forward

Structural Technologies

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At Collins Aerospace, we don’t just have our eyes on a more sustainable future. We’re building it every day. Through forward-thinking design and science-based materials selection, we’re working to reduce aircraft weight for greater fuel efficiency, as well as employ more environmentally responsible materials in aircraft components.

Explore how structural technologies are making planes lighter – and the future brighter

Integrated Solutions

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With the right perspective, we can see past traditional boundaries and uncover new opportunities to make aerospace more sustainable. At Collins Aerospace, that perspective comes from a holistic view of the aircraft and our position as a provider of components across all aspects of flight.

Learn how we’re taking a nose-to-tail approach to greener skies
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Our environmental impact and manufacturing processes

At Collins Aerospace, we work diligently to improve our operations in ways that reduce energy usage and emissions and preserve our natural resources. We’ve made significant progress in recent years, and we continue to set aggressive goals moving forward.

Sustainability in our communities

Engineers Without Borders

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We’re excited to partner with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to further our sustainability efforts and clean energy goals. Through volunteerism and workplace giving, we are working together to empower and improve rural communities around the world by leveraging innovative engineering skills and solutions. 

Learn more about Engineers Without Borders

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