Focused on weight reduction and increased longevity, Collins Aerospace has developed aeroBASE™ multi-use honeycomb floor panels. aeroBASE panels provide superior durability compared with standard OEM floor panels. Customers achieve lower weight and higher strength with improved stiffness and shear strength.

These panels are manufactured with aramid fiber or aluminum honeycomb core, modified, toughened epoxy resin system and unidirectional fiberglass or carbon skins. Panels can be utilized for multiple applications, including: aisles, entrances/exits, galleys, cargo bays and under seats.


Compared with standard OEM requirements, our most popular aeroBASE product provides:

  • High flexural strength: 89 percent improvement
  • High flexural stiffness: 44 percent improvement
  • Excellent shear strength: 40 percent improvement in panel shear; 68 percent improvement in in-plane shear; and 140 percent improvement in insert shear
  • Hot/wet flexural strength: 67 percent improvement
  • No degradation of bond strength in hot/wet conditions
  • Weight: 0.77 pounds per square foot

Features & benefits

  • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48 x 96 inches up to 60 x 144 inches (additional sizes available upon request through our aeroADD™ family)
  • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010 inch
  • Superior flexural strength, stiffness and shear that exceed OEM requirements
  • Low fray edges
  • Improved processing during secondary operations such as machining, bonding, insert installation, edge potting and decorative application
  • Excellent performance in both hot and wet conditions
  • Eliminates the need for more frequent floorboard replacements in the cabin and the cargo bay

Epoxy Composite Skin / See List - Aircraft Flooring Panels

aeroBASE<sup>TM</sup> honeycomb panel
  • Flammability: Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 25.853 Appendix F:
    • Part I – 60-second vertical; 45 degree
  • Skins: See list
  • Core: See list
  • Standard dimensional tolerances:
    • Length and width of ± 0.500 inch
    • Thickness of ±0.010 inch
  • Thickness: 0.400 inches

Product development and application engineering services

From concept design through qualification, Collins Aerospace's engineers will apply their expertise to offer the right solution based on the operators’ needs. The process starts with the initial step of evaluating the properties of the materials in the existing configuration. Subsequently, we offer alternate solutions that reduce weight, increase strength and/or reduce cost.  Collins Aerospace's established relationships with a wide variety of material suppliers help ensure that your panel materials are ideally suited for your unique application.