The Collins Aerospace CMU-900 is the newest ARINC 758 compatible Communications Management Unit and is designed to satisfy Data Link Communication needs for today and the future. The unit hosts the Level C Protected Mode CPDLC Applications necessary to meet the 2011 European Link 2000+ Mandate and will enter service in January 2011. The CMU-900 uses a PC based application development tool set which allows the operator or airline to configure and customize the CMU to meet the user’s operating requirements. The tool offers extensive policy routing tables for improved message routing. This permits management of Service Provider Preferences, Cost Indexes, and Performance Indexes. Considerable flexibility for control and display of information with the flight crew is provided through support for: ARINC 739 MCDUs and the ARINC 739 our IDC-900 Integrated Data Link Controller.

  • Compliant ARINC 758 communications management unit: Delivers state-of-the-art Data Link communication management that complies with industry standard ARINC Characteristic 758 installations.
  • Compliant with FANS interoperability and VHF/VDL mode 2 networks: Provides fully compliant ARINC AQP and SITA VAQ testing and is qualified by Boeing FANS-1 for interoperability.
  • Link 2000+ protected mode CPDLC certified: Certified for the 2011 European Link 2000+ mandate for air traffic control communication over the VHF Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2 and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN).
  • Supports and manages multiple air-to-ground subnetworks: VDL Mode 2, Plain Old ACARS, VDL Mode 2, Inmarsat and Iridium satellite Data Link communications, and HF Datalink.
  • Flexible AOC development tool: Provides a powerful user application development capability, allowing you the option of modifying and testing your own Data Link nonessential AOC application changes, and supports a completely modifiable AOC Application without certification impact.
  • Capable AOC PC-based simulation tool: Provides a powerful PC based-simulation capability that is extremely useful as a prototyping and training tool.
  • Experienced operational and technical support: Backed by the expertise and experience of support, service, and engineering staff to assure successful Data Link integration and deployment.