Our aim is to increase the effectiveness of intelligence-led operations. The ability to visualize, exploit and share key data points in the ever-growing amount of information and data across domains is now a key enabler to military and security operations. The Collins SCi-Toolset is built upon the foundation of simplifying complex information gathered from many different sensors to allow analysts to decide what is relevant from the noise, disseminate across bandwidth-constrained networks and present key information to military decision makers in a secure and timely manner.

Our SCi-Toolset software provides customers with real-time understanding and visualization of their data and gives the clarity and focus needed to gain key intelligence. Behind the SCi-Toolset is a talented team of experts skilled in ISR operations, intelligence analysis, data management, training and customer support. Our tools apply equally at all levels of command from coalition data sharing across joint operations, national air forces, security and policing and contract ISR operations.

To learn more, please visit http://www.sci-toolset.com


SCi-Discover is our sensor and data agnostic database capable of federated PED operations


SCi-X is our IMINT (FMV and LOROP) exploitation tool


SCi-Pulse is our Multi-Mode radar visualization tool