Solving complex challenges to drive superior performance

The materials used in design, the location of parts, unique integrated solutions, and the domino effect those choices have throughout the platform are just some of the considerations in play. Additionally, each of these solutions need to perform in a variety of terrain and address environmental challenges often presented during a mission.

Light and antenna

What happens when you
Combine a light & antenna?

Weight and drag savings starts with transformational integrations of systems that have never been brought together before.

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Exploring the "art of the possible" with unique system integrations and design

The breadth of capability across Collins well positions us to create cutting-edge solutions by combining the best technology from multiple product lines into uniquely integrated systems. Real transformation – and in turn, real benefit – happens when you think beyond what’s been done and dive into what could be done. Here’s just a few of the things we’ve been working on:

  • Integrated light and antenna combines state-of-the-art exterior lighting with high-performance communications antenna to enable less exterior components and associated weight and drag.
  • Multifunction structure combines ice protection, temperature sensing and structural health sensing into a single component delivering 10-15% weight reduction, 10-20% energy reduction and lower cost out-of-autoclave composite manufacturing.

Using advanced materials to drive weight savings

  • Advanced structural seating design provides a 30% weight savings.
  • Replacing heavy metallics with light composites in traditionally heavy systems.
  • Using state-of-the-art braiding technology and thermoplastics for lower costs and weight, while maintaining high quality and reliability.

Reducing the amount of wiring and boxes needed on aircraft

  • Our Mosarc™ architecture integrates avionics functions into a central network for reduced wiring weight.
  • Our next-generation health management system delivers a 40% weight reduction in wiring by using a shared connected network, forming a common prognostics backbone.
  • Our FlexLink™ adaptive connectivity solution consolidates communication/navigation/data link capabilities into a single system with conformal antennas to reduce both weight and drag.
  • Perigon® delivers 20 times more powerful vehicle management computing with streamlined applications into a single system so there are less boxes and wiring needed on board.

We’re exploring what’s possible now and what we can build on for future enhancements. The technological advancements are at our fingertips – and ready now – to help design the fastest, lightest, most long-range and powerful rotorcraft in history.

"From lighting and seats, ice detection and drive shafts, to fully system-integrated aerostructures, everything is on the table for revolutionizing a lighter solution with less drag and the most powerful performance"

At Collins, our teams are asking the right questions to challenge the status quo, as well as leveraging our years of experience and breadth of capability to deliver transformational technology and platform-wide weight and drag optimization.