Our Brazing experts specialize in aluminum brazed manufacturing, including enclosures, chassis, cold plates and heat exchangers for defense, aerospace and commercial industrial markets. Our distinctive processes go beyond traditional capabilities to deliver durable, highly efficient thermal solutions.


Collins Aerospace specializes in build-to-print and build-to-spec manufacturing. We partner with our customers’ engineers to develop drawings and specifications that satisfy the most demanding structural and thermal performance requirements.


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Combining thermal engineering experience with empirical data helps ensure your products perform the first time – and every time.

Collins Aerospace’s thermal management engineering and testing capabilities include:

  • Thermal and Delta P
  • Closed-loop cooling systems
  • Structural design

Our design capabilities include:

  • Brazed electronic box structure
  • 3D mechanical modeling
  • Tools and fixtures

Choose Collins as your reliable provider for optimal thermal product performance.


Round machine used for vacuum brazing

Rely on Collins Aerospace for thermal products manufacturing expertise. Our Brazonics and J.A. Reinhardt facilities offers a full range of manufacturing and testing capabilities, including:

  • Vacuum and dip brazing
  • Vertical and horizontal CNC milling centers
  • Welding/bonding/mechanical assembly
  • Coordinate measurement
  • Material testing


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Strength comes from best practices. Collins Aerospace’s brazing expertise ensures your equipment has the ability to maintain the tight tolerances required for the most demanding electronics thermal management applications.

Our team consists of highly trained thermal, mechanical and manufacturing engineers dedicated to innovation. We partner with your engineering team to develop a cost-effective brazing solution for your thermal and environmental challenges.

Our build-to-print manufacturing facility ensures your cold plate and heat exchangers meet your design and quality demands.


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There’s zero tolerance when it comes to thermal equipment reliability and safety. Collins Aerospace’s thorough testing capabilities give you peace of mind and the performance you expect.

Our rigorous testing includes:

  • Nitrogen leak to 3,000 psig; hydrostatic to 10,000 psig
  • Helium leak detection
  • Flow and pressure drop
  • Pressure cycle testing
  • Thermal verification testing
  • Braze joint verification
  • Metallurgical assessment

Product capabilities

Thermal analysis, manufacturing capacity and assembly expertise make Collins Aerospace your clear choice for all of your thermal product needs. Our customers in the military/defense, commercial aerospace and industrial equipment markets rely on us for on-time delivery of high-quality products, including:

  • Chassis and enclosures
  • Cold plates
  • Heat sinks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Liquid flow-through components
  • Closed-loop cooling systems
  • Dip and vacuum brazing