The Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) is an aircraft navigation product that automatically calculates the relative bearing of the aircraft to the radio station. The ADF-900 is part of the latest generation of highly successful ADF sensors from Collins Aerospace. Its digital technology increases your reliability, enhances your performance and simplifies your maintenance, since all mechanical adjustments are eliminated. You’ll also benefit from functions such as signal baseband processing, audio filtering and enhanced Built-In-Test Equipment (BITE). In fact, digital filters also eliminate temperature and age-induced drift.

The sensor’s comprehensive BITE isolates system problems to an individual Line Replaceable Unit fault or a fault existing in connected peripherals (i.e., control panels, antennas, etc.). Thus, it reduces unnecessary removals. The front panel LED BITE display is simple, rugged and easy to interpret – allowing you to confirm fault status in EE bays of older aircraft without fault maintenance systems.

The ADF-900 is designed to operate with an ARINC 712 antenna such as the Collins DFA-901. The antenna meets and exceeds ARINC 712 specifications to ensure the highest system accuracy.

Features & benefits

ADF-900 instrument view
  • Interchangeable with series 700 ADFs (subject to certification approval)
  • 190 to 1799 kHz tuning range plus 2179 to 2185 kHz distress frequencies
  • Offers improved power interrupt
  • Satisfies HIRF and lightning requirements
  • Includes enhanced BITE
  • Matches ARINC-700 form, fit and function characteristics
  • Provides aircraft interfaces via a serial ARINC 429 databus
  • Meets ARINC 600 racking and cooling requirements
  • Compliant with OEM environmental and software requirements